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Pimp Your Work

Pimping Bookmarks!

by Celine on November 9th, 2007

Sorry for the few posts this week - been very busy with work. Without further ado, here are the bookmarks for the week:


Always Be Prepared: 5 Tips for Unexpected Job Loss at Consumerism Commentary

Temptation in the Workplace and Accountability by Clever Dude

Should I Report Ethical Misconduct at Work? at The Simple Dollar

Do you have a deeply fulfilling career? by Steve Pavlina


Get an MBA: Masters in Business Attention at Lifehack

Limit You Projects to Achieve Completion at zenhabits

Index Card Hacks at Lifehack


Sharedview: Free Screen Sharing for Web Workgroups at Web Worker Daily

10 Tips for Getting More Out of MS Outlook at Web Worker Daily

Special Announcement:

Leo over at zenhabits just released Zen to Done: The Simple Productivity Ebook. Check it out! (Or wait until I check it out and write a review, hehe.)

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