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August 6th, 2007

Save all open documents and other easy tips for MS Word

Did you know you could save all open documents by just holding down the shift key when selecting the File menu?  Yeah, Save turns into Save All (okay not in Word 2007 it appears)!  Web Worker Daily has six more tips in their article:
Many of us writerly types spend a lot of time in Microsoft […]

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May 15th, 2007

Very important Acrobat Reader tip for laptop users-change the smoothing!

How many of you use PDF? Good. Okay, how many of you have laptops? Lots I bet. Laptops are out selling desktops now so lots more out there than in the past. Did you know, however, that in Acrobat Reader the default font smoothing is for regular monitors? Yeah […]

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May 9th, 2007

iGTD-GTD app for the Mac

Saw this app this week (maybe last?) for GTD on the Mac:
It seems there’s more Getting Things Done inspired software packages out there than there are Flash games littering the web. It’s understandable; GTD has become the geek mantra for productivity, and finding the right tool to suit your GTD needs is like searching for […]

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May 1st, 2007

MindManager 7 announced-steady improvement on a great tool

Man I’ve been dying to blog about this for over a month.  I’ve been in the private beta test of the new MindManager 7 Pro.  If you’re a MM fan, this is a good upgrade.  Must upgrade?  If you use Office 2007, I’d say yeah.
The new MM 7 Pro is officially coming out May 30.  […]

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April 25th, 2007

Not to leave the Mac folks out … Mail.app tips

Being a Windows guy, I don’t really have a plethora of Mac tips.  Well at least OS X.  Ask me about earlier versions and I might be able to help (though my old PowerComputing tower machine is going to become an Ubuntu server soon), OS X, not so much.  I do, however, keep my eye […]

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April 13th, 2007

Get these system repair tools now, before you need them

My computer crash/panic problems are well documented here.  Sure sometimes it’s been my fault, sometimes not.  Regardless of the cause, there are tools out there to help you out.  Lifehacker’s list is great and believe me, I’m downloading most of the Windows tools (the ones that I don’t already have) asap:
Which one of these tools […]

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March 17th, 2007

Tips to keep OS X running smoothly

I found, twice, and then lost, twice, a link to a tip on how to streamline and clean up Apple Mail’s database (it is a MySQL DB, I gather).  While I look for them, again, enjoy these tips on how to keep your Mac ship shape.  Although I’m not a Mac guy anymore, I did […]

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February 19th, 2007

Is your Computer Ready for Daylight Savings Time?

Did you know the daylight savings time is coming a month early now?  You bet, it starts in March now, not in April.  So the big question is, is your computer ready for this change?
If you’ve made the switch to Microsoft Vista you’re OK.  Microsoft has already updated Vista for the new daylight savings time rules.  […]

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February 16th, 2007

Updates, get your updates here…

One of the most important things you can do to keep your computer, and applications, safe and happy is to keep it updated.  Back in the day, when the Internet was young and I was doing tech support, finding updates wasn’t fun or easy.  We pretty much had to do a lot of the work […]

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February 15th, 2007

Stuck creating a document? Try using a template

So you need to create a new document.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint (or even OpenOffice), looking at a blank screen is almost as daunting as getting the document done.
Now, when you make this a complex task, like a form letter or invoice, you can waste a lot of […]

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