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Not to leave the Mac folks out … Mail.app tips

by Tris Hussey on April 25th, 2007

Being a Windows guy, I don’t really have a plethora of Mac tips.  Well at least OS X.  Ask me about earlier versions and I might be able to help (though my old PowerComputing tower machine is going to become an Ubuntu server soon), OS X, not so much.  I do, however, keep my eye out for OS X tips for you Mac folks.  I gather that many of you have a love/hate relationship with Mail.app.  I can understand that, lots of us hate Outlook with a passion.  I found via Lifehacker a spiffy (I think) set of tips:

but the Finder, and Address Book, and Mail.app also have an amazing amount of power rumbling under the hood. So, in the interest of spreading the love, here’s four Mail.app Smart Mailboxes that have been rocking my world over the last months.
Source: Some handy Mail.app Smart Mailboxes | 43 Folders

Let me know if these work for you … I’ve noticed a meme going around of inbox management of keeping only 10 items in your inbox … and those are only things you need to do.  I’ll take a pass.  I like my massive inbox.


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