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It takes more that a cool tool to GTD you have to learn how to use it

by Tris Hussey on October 23rd, 2006

Glen over at LifeDev does it again.  I’m a huge fan of Basecamp and the other web-based apps by 37Signals.  Thing is I think, like many folks, I don’t begin to tap into their full potential, or even to use them to really help me in the whole GTD process.  Well, Glen got some advice on how to super-charge Basecamp into a GTD machine.  I read this and just thought, OMG, I have to find a way to apply this.  Maybe with MindMananger and GyroQ instead of Basecamp (I have so many tools now, I really want to make the most out of them before trying more), but still.the point here is, sometimes you need a) help to unlock the power of a tool and b) really great tools are flexible enough to let you adapt them to how you work and do things.

One way to learn these tips and tricks is, of course, through blogs about the app or GTD, but don’t ignore the forums that many companies set up for their users to exchange these kinds of tips and tricks.  Of course we don’t all have enough hours in the day to read all of these (I sure don’t, both MindManger and GyroQ have forums that I barely even use … the b5 forum is bad enough as a black hole of time), however one of the goals here at PYW is to find these tips and resources for you and save you the time and energy.

We also like getting tips from our readers, so please feel free to leave a comment with a tip or trick.  Maybe we’ll even set up a "tips line" e-mail box for this, but until we do comment away!

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