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Readers Answer: What is the #1 productivity tool you can’t do without?

by Celine on April 29th, 2008


In the previous PYW Asks, I asked readers what their #1 productivity tool is. Here’s what the readers answered:

Jennifer of Offbeat Homes answered that all she needs for work is her laptop and her brain.  She also finds red pens indispensable, as they indicate that she’s finished something from her to-do list.

Jennifer’s use of red pens may seem simple, but it’s what works for her.  If you’re the type of person who is responsive to color, using a similar color-based system helps.

Chris from Logo Design Shopper chose unruled Moleskine notebooks.  Here’s his list of why he loves his Moleskine so much “Small enough to fit in your pocket. Stylish enough to impress the clients. Tonnes of pages for notes, diagrams and doodles.”  Sandie from Geeked Off also chose a Moleskine.

Ian finds that Excel and its PivotTables function helps him learn more about his business than customer satisfaction surveys do.

DL selected Roboform (website here) as the #1 productivity tool, as it generates passwords and saves them for you.

Do you have any productivity tools common with other Pimp Your Work readers?


1 opinion for Readers Answer: What is the #1 productivity tool you can’t do without?

  • Michael
    Apr 29, 2020 at 11:25 am

    Depends on the day! Some days it is caffeine and other days it is Advil or Tylenol. All depends on whether the message light is already blinking on the phone when I get to the office at 7:15. :)

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