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July 31st, 2007

Outlook 2007 Sucks

Outlook continues to drive us all batty.  I’ve just upgraded to a newer machine and while it might not be the speediest beast on the planet, the 2 gigs of RAM makes everything run better including Outlook.  But I digress.  Outlook 2007 is trying to make our e-mail more secure, but it’s junk mail filtering […]

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July 27th, 2007

Want your question answered? Ask it last.

My friend Ben Yoskovitz laments a common problem we all have faced dealing with folks via e-mail…not getting a critical question answered:
And that’s frustrating. You can’t keep asking the same question over and over, and presumably you’re asking the question because you really want an answer.

Tip: The last question you ask in an email is […]

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June 25th, 2007

Should I manage my contacts with Plaxo?

Plaxo launched v3.0 of it’s online contact management service/tool today, and since it’s in the news you might be wondering if you should use it (or restart using it if you have been away from it for a while).
First, just what is Plaxo and what’s all the hype about v3.0 anyway?  Plaxo is a service that […]

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June 21st, 2007

Six ways to make a good e-mail signature

This post of Doug’s got me thinking…
I’ve seen every variation of every possible email signature in the world. That’s a pretty broad statement, but I am 99% sure I have seen pretty much everything one can do with their email signature. Source: Service Untitled » Sample Email Signatures - customer service and customer service experience blog […]

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June 19th, 2007

Using Gmail address hacks for GTD and other stuff

 Did you know that to Gmail trishussey and tris.hussey are the same?  Yep.  And if you say do something like tris.hussey+pyw@ you can have a whole new e-mail address to filter on?
You can reformat your existing Gmail address by inserting dots (periods) anywhere within your Gmail username. The Gmail Help pages explain:
Because Gmail doesn’t recognize […]

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May 23rd, 2007

You can send a 10 meg file through Gmail now-but why?

This week users noticed that you can now send a 20 meg attachment within Gmail:

Ionut Alex Chitu, who first noticed the upgrade, also pointed out one problem that it creates. “[F]ew mail providers will accept . . . such a big message,” he writes, but “it’s safe to send messages bigger than 10 MB to […]

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April 30th, 2007

Multiple autoresponders in Outlook using rules

Ah the out of office message.  Can’t remember when I’ve had to put one of those up.  Which isn’t a good sign, really is it?  Anyway, sometimes you don’t just want the basic “I’m not here” message to go to everyone.  It is possible to be more clever in Outlook (and I gather Gmail), you […]

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April 25th, 2007

Not to leave the Mac folks out … Mail.app tips

Being a Windows guy, I don’t really have a plethora of Mac tips.  Well at least OS X.  Ask me about earlier versions and I might be able to help (though my old PowerComputing tower machine is going to become an Ubuntu server soon), OS X, not so much.  I do, however, keep my eye […]

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April 25th, 2007

EverNote 2.0 and Evernote Outlook Extension Beta Released

I’ve been testing EverNote 2 beta for some time now, just a little while ago (last week I think), I got a ping that EverNote 2 was final and I should download the new version (actually throughout the beta period I received notices to update, which I very much appreciated).  Here a portion of the […]

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April 14th, 2007

Microsoft releases patch for Outlook 2007, speed boost promised

We’ve been complaining, we’ve been trying to do what we can to improve things (including disabling most fun plugins), but Outlook 2007 has been dogged with performance problems since it debuted (actually in complaints started in beta).  Microsoft has finally released a patch for Outlook 2007 that is supposed improve the performance issues:
Microsoft indicated that […]

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