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Outlook 2007 Sucks

by Tris Hussey on July 31st, 2007

Outlook continues to drive us all batty.  I’ve just upgraded to a newer machine and while it might not be the speediest beast on the planet, the 2 gigs of RAM makes everything run better including Outlook.  But I digress.  Outlook 2007 is trying to make our e-mail more secure, but it’s junk mail filtering system has some flaws:

Microsoft Outlook 2007 sucks. Or at least it sucks in how it handles its Junk E-mail functionality. Microsoft’s brilliant decision is to prevent users from Replying to any email that lands in your “special” Junk E-mail folder. Microsoft Outlook 2007, part of the Office 2007 suite, displays the following dialog box popup when I click Reply to an email in the Junk E-mail folder:
“To help protect your personal information, this message has been converted to plain text. Links and other functionality have been disabled. To restore functionality, move the message to the Inbox.”
There is also a ‘Do not show’ check box which adds a setting to the Registry so the popup doesn’t appear again. I happened to check it, so now when I click Reply to an email in my Junk E-mail folder nothing happens. The mouse cursor just sits there mocking me and my futile clicks of the Reply button. Strangely enough the Forward button works which makes absolutely no sense. Block Reply for security reasons but not Forward? Source: Outlook 2007 Sucks

I’ve run into disappearing e-mail problems with Outlook 2007 and Junk Mail.  I mark it not junk and it leaves the junk folder … but no where to be found in the inbox … strange behaviour.

Ever wonder if Microsoft is just doing this to us because they want to drive us crazy?  You have to wonder sometimes.

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