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Try Basecamp and other 37Signals services

by Tris Hussey on October 11th, 2006

I’ve know about, and used on and off, the great web-apps from 37Signals for a couple years now.  A post on LifeDev reminded me of them and that they are awesome tools to really get your pimp on at work.

For those unfamiliar with Basecamp or Backpack, you need to go and have a look.  Take the tour, sign up for a free account.  Like I said I’ve used several of the tools in the past.  Why not now?  This post of mine is a really good hint.

This is the problem with group collaboration tools … if your group isn’t collaborating with you … it’s a waste of time.  So when push comes to shove and you fall back to e-mail, you also fall back to your other tools for getting things done.  For me thats MindManager, Outlook, Attensa (RSS reader), and the MS Office suite.  Yeah I have some other goodies up my sleeve, but a guy can’t give away too many secrets, can he? ;-).

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