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July 30th, 2008

4-day workweeks increase job satisfaction and productivity

I found this interesting article from The Times of India, discussing Utah’s transition to a 4-day workweek from a 5-day workweek.  Researchers from the Romney Institute of Public Management found that 60% of employees who have transitionedto the 4-day workweek reported higher productivity.
They found that even though four day work week employees work the same […]

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July 16th, 2008

The Economist Debate: Worker Competitiveness in Wealthy Countries is on a Permanent Decline


There are only 3 days left to vote in The Economist Online Debate on the following proposition: “The competitiveness of workers in today’s rich countries is in permanent decline.”  To participate in the debate, click here.
Currently, 64% of respondents voted against the proposition.  However, if you believe otherwise, there are 3 days left to sway […]

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