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Pimp Your Work

September 26th, 2006

About Pimp Your Work

You’ve found the place that will help make your work life better - Pimp Your Work, or, as us Pimps call it, PYW.

We look at work from a holistic point of view:

Strategy. Business strategy, personal strategy, and the strategy of life are addressed here. Strategy can help your work or be full of traps. We know all about both sides of strategy.

Delivery. All that strategy doesn’t mean a thing unless the strategy is consistently worked. Delivery counts and we’ll offer some good advice on how to deliver.

Skills. Everyone cares about the skills you can bring to the job or project at hand. But “everyone” isn’t very good at helping you develop your skills in the marketplace. We’ll help you in developing the right skills — the kind that will help You, Inc.

Tools. There are a million tools out there claiming to help you and your work. We’re putting them through our Pimp Tests to make sure you know what’s good compared to what’s great at helping you do your work.

The business of work is a tough one to navigate by yourself. Let the Pimp Your Work community help make your work life better.

Tris Hussey, Editor

Scot Herrick, Contributing Editor

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