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July 4th, 2007

Great ways to get more out of your Blackberry

SmallBusinessHub is putting forth a valiant effort to combat all the iPhone hype with some great Blackberry tips:
This is the week of that omnipresent Apple device whose name will not be mentioned.  I’m going to resist the temptation to write about that device and the uber-cool people that bought one and instead like to address […]

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June 28th, 2007

Web apps will make the iPhone the killer business phone

Yesterday I panned the iPhone for business folks, at least for now, but with the announcement of “iZoho” today maybe I could be wrong.  Read/Write Web has this to say:
Conclusion: Watch out Blackberry!
In response to a question from Simon Leyland about business use of the iPhone in our previous post, a commenter named Dan responded:

“Simon, I […]

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June 28th, 2007

b5media and Virtual Reach bring you Viigo-read your favourite blogs on your Blackberry

Looking for an RSS reader for your Blackberry?  Something powerful, free, and loaded with your favourite blogs?  Well I have the application for you, Viigo:
That’s why we’re so excited about our partnership with Virtual Reach Inc., which has a cool mobile application called Viigo that makes it easy to read blogs while on the go.
Using […]

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June 27th, 2007

Should I consider an iPhone for business or work?

No doubt, iPhone mania is coming to a fever pitch.  While I thought I wanted one when they were first announced, I’ve come back down to reality on that.  If not the price the fact that who knows when Rogers (who isn’t even my carrier) will get them here in Canada set me straight.  I saw […]

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June 18th, 2007

Rice isn’t just for dinner anymore-use it to dry out electronics

Okay how many of you have had those “oops” moments when some electronic gadget has gone for a swim?  I haven’t had many, but all of them have ended in the same way…buying a new device.
The key to saving a device is:

Acting quickly
Not turning it on “just to see”
Taking the battery out pronto
Drying it out […]

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April 11th, 2007

New IM clients coming from RIM for your Berry

Yep, I’ve been trying to do more with my Berry lately.  In fact yesterday I was in Victoria and had to drive all over looking for an apartment to rent.  Man did Google Maps come in handy.  Let’s see, okay I’m here and I need to get to this address, map it for me.  You […]

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April 9th, 2007

Could your smartphone do more?

You know I love my Blackberry.  Really, though, I don’t think I’ve tapped into it’s full potential/power.  Take Alan Dershowitz, famous (infamous?) lawyer, he uses his Berry to write articles in the 1000 word and fewer range.  I’m guessing he doesn’t have the compact keyboard that I do on the 7130e.
AD: Obviously I use it […]

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October 23rd, 2006

Managing e-mail on your Blackberry … block it all

Huh?  Isn’t the whole point of having a Blackberry getting e-mail on the go?  Yes.  The problem is that if you let all the e-mail through, your Berry might be pinging (or whatever your alert sound is) all the time.  At first I just tried routing everything through GMail and that worked pretty well.  Then […]

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