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New IM clients coming from RIM for your Berry

by Tris Hussey on April 11th, 2007

Yep, I’ve been trying to do more with my Berry lately.  In fact yesterday I was in Victoria and had to drive all over looking for an apartment to rent.  Man did Google Maps come in handy.  Let’s see, okay I’m here and I need to get to this address, map it for me.  You know, it was pretty darn accurate.  I know Victoria pretty well so I knew when Google might be off the mark, I followed their directions and they were bang on.

Anyway the other thing I’ve been hunting for is a free MSN client for my Berry.  It has been a fruitless search, until yesterday:

So yesterday we let you know about ICQ and AIM becoming available for the BlackBerry (and Windows Live Messenger has been added into the fray since). We’ve received a bunch of emails from various tipsters, but a couple were more helpful than others. BBCool contributor and Forums moderator Jibi (with the assistance of another user, jungleland), have put together a great guide for all of the clients, and you can check that out here (all information’s been confirmed by the Boy Genius).
Source: BlackBerryCool » BlackBerry IM’ing questions answered

Well now, isn’t that interesting?  Okay good news is that some folks were able to get them to work.  Bad news, they aren’t really ready for primetime.  The service books that make the magic happen haven’t been pushed to the carriers yet.  Yes, some hacks have been passed around, but you know I need my Berry.  I can’t go messing it up.  I’ll keep trying the download URLs and when they work, I’ll tell you.


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