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Could your smartphone do more?

by Tris Hussey on April 9th, 2007

You know I love my Blackberry.  Really, though, I don’t think I’ve tapped into it’s full potential/power.  Take Alan Dershowitz, famous (infamous?) lawyer, he uses his Berry to write articles in the 1000 word and fewer range.  I’m guessing he doesn’t have the compact keyboard that I do on the 7130e.

AD: Obviously I use it for emails back and forth, but I’ve also found that no matter where I am, I can compose short articles, op-ed pieces, or letters. Anything under a thousand words I write on my BlackBerry. I’ve started blogging recently and I do that through my BlackBerry, too.
Source: BlackBerry Connection - Business Solutions Edition

It all got me to thinking, maybe I could do more on my Berry.  Could I draft a document that could then go into Word?  Maybe something like a Mindmap or outline?  Love to do blog posts from it (yes I’ve seen Dave Winer’s app … I couldn’t get it to work last night).  The problem I’ve found is that unlike other smartphones/PDAs, the Blackberry has a shear and utter lack of free apps.

I’m going to start covering PDAs and smartphones more here, but if someone knows of good Blackberry apps to try for making my Berry more of a business tool…let me know!

Hat tip to Michael Sampson


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