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iPig-Another WiFi Hotspot VPN Solution to Try

by Tris Hussey on April 26th, 2007

I’m rarely completely satisfied with my software or hardware choices.  I’m always on the lookout for the newer, better, faster, easier tools out there.  This is good for you, of course, because I’ll tell you when I find them (if they fit this blog clearly).

As you know security at public WiFi hotspots is something that I occasionally get a bee in my bonnet about.  Truth be told, even though I have AnchorFree installed (I talked about that one last week or so), I haven’t put it to the real test … which is ironic isn’t it?  I have the security available, but I don’t use it.  Maybe because I’m not 100% sure how it works.  Dunno, but it’s ready and waiting for me …

With WiFi security usually in my mind somewhere (btw “Evil Twin” attacks are making the news again … hence maybe why security was on my mind recently), I saw a mention in Lifehacker about WiFi security, pointing to an older post on the topic of VPNs.  In the comments about VPN solutions was a mention of iPig.  It had the magic word I always look for-”free”.

iPig has a client app, which is free and includes some free bandwidth provided, and a free server that supports up to five uses.  Well, I think I just found my solution.

I now have my own VPN server running on an extra computer and the client on the laptop.  I haven’ set up dynamic DNS yes so I don’t have to remember to double check it’s IP number, but … thus far testing looks good.

Of course, by connecting to my home machine I’m using home bandwidth too.  And, my provider could baulk at it, but I figure that it  will come out in the wash.  Home or away I’d just use it.

Oh, for the server, you do have to open the port in your router and your firewall on the machine.  I forgot about the firewall and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t connecting … Doh!

In the spirit of this topic, I have a couple of polls for you.  First one is whether you’re worried about hotspot security:

Are you worried about security at public hotspots?
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And related to it is if you use a VPN when at a hotspot:

Do you use a VPN at public WiFi hotspots?
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I’ll be interested to see the results and read your comments.


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