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Hacks to speed up your web surfing

by Tris Hussey on December 28th, 2006

From ConnectedInternet comes a couple tweaks/hacks/tips to make your browsing faster.  This might be a tad geeky for most, and there is a plugin for Firefox that makes this tweak for you, but if you’re frustrated with slow page loads, these might help:

Firefox users:

  1. Open firefox
  2. type ‘about:config’ in the address bar
  3. Type ‘network’ in the filter bar
  4. Double click ‘network.http.pipelining’ and set it to ‘TRUE’
  5. Double click ‘pipelining.maxrequests’ and change to a higher value like ‘10′
  6. Close Firefox and your pages should now load faster

Internet Explorer users:

  1. Go to ‘Start/Run’ and type ‘regedit’
  3. Expand ‘Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Internet Settings’
  4. ‘MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server’ and ‘MaxConnectionsPerServer’ indicate the maximum no. of connections per page. Increase the values (DECIMAL) to a higher value, say ‘10′
  5. Close IE and your pages should now load faster

Now what this is really doing is just telling the browser to make more concurrent connections to a site when visiting.  More connections means faster loading.  It also means a little more load on that server.  I’ve done this on Firefox before and it did help a bit.  You can let me know if you think it really helps.

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