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Pimp Your Work

Pimp Your Work faces the female invasion

by Celine on October 2nd, 2007

Hi, I’m Celine Roque. You may remember me from such blog posts as “Top 5 Tips to becoming a productive student entrepreneur” and “How to win clients like a pro“. Or, you know, you may not know me at all. (I’m willing to bet it’s the latter.)

Don’t worry, Pimp Your Work wasn’t invaded by aliens, hackers, or a character from Springfield. It’s invaded by something much worse - a productivity-obsessed 24-year old workaholic in a far-flung third world country. (Can you say that really fast 5 times in a row?) From now on, I’ll be posting the pimpin’ blog entries that you’ll love to hate, hate to love, or simply ignore. But I warn you - ignoring future Pimp Your Work posts will be dangerous to your work’s health.

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