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Do Corporate Speakers Pimp Your Work?

by Scot Herrick on March 5th, 2007

In some of the larger corporations, managers have annual kick-off meetings for the new year. Perhaps it is a review of the previous year, or a reward for last year’s work, or focusing on the coming year to get the priorities all on the same page.

Outside of the management team presentations, companies will often hire speakers to come into the mass meeting to help pimp people’s work. I’ve heard speakers in these meetings that range from authors, to sports coaches, to former government officials.

They get paid well for these appearances and, in my opinion, they should. They have something good to say.

I’m just not sure that it is anything good to say about how to Pimp Your Work. Do the lessons of sports — as a seasonal game with an off-season — really relate to the everyday-no-breaks business world?

Can any government official really describe what it is like to work in a profitable, ongoing competitive business?

Can an author of a Pimp Your Work blog really provide cool ideas and comments on your work without knowing your culture, your team, and your unique business needs?

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