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Passion, but Keep Your Day Job

by Scot Herrick on December 7th, 2006

So let’s be clear: this Pimp is cynical of anything Corporate. In fact, working in a cube means it is management’s approach to the work and when you get to the nice panel office it is all about sacrificing for the corporation.

It was enlightening, then, to read about Pricewatershouse Coopers asking an old employee back after several years to work the accounting business.

Our hero, Allen Sheffield, eventually left the corporate world to help kids in Detroit. But, keeping in contact with his former employers, he received an offer to come and work on a flexible schedule that would enable him to maintain his commitments to the kids and help out in the accounting.

Necessarily, the timing, work, and schedules had to mesh. But, I have not seen this in corporations before. It would be terrific if more people could follow their passions and corporations could balance their needs with those of their employees and their total work life.

But, I’m still the skeptical type. I think this is a major exception and not anything close to the rule.

Would your work place offer a flexible schedule to you if you proposed it?

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