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TwitterMail is the piece to make Twitter work business

by Tris Hussey on June 29th, 2007

Via Twitter, of course this morning, I found out about TwitterMail which lets gives you a special e-mail address that you can use to e-mail in Twitter updates:

How TwitterMail works

When you give us your Twitter credentials we supply you with a TwitterMail email address. For instance [email protected]. If you send an email to that address it will be posted to Twitter.com Source: TwitterMail.com - 392 people sent 1500 messages to Twitter!

I did a couple of tests, one from Outlook one from my Blackberry and that’s when it hit me…TwitterMail might be the last piece of the puzzle to Twitter for Business.  I’ve talked a bit about this before and why is e-mail the last mile bit?  Because if you activate Twitter on your cell, you might find yourself with a huge bill, e-mail though … well that’s a one off.  A quick zap and you can tell people you’re on the the way, late, break news to the world.

I’ve been off Twitter for a bit, but I found Twitteroo today and that might get me back into the swing of things.

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