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Ah Passion, the Ultimate Work Pimp

by Tris Hussey on February 14th, 2007

Scot and I can write all we want about new tips and tools to help you to make your work better, but if you hate your job, if the passion is gone, well it’s just not going to help.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, it’s passion that makes the difference between doing your job and doing your job well.  Take me for instance.  I love blogging.  Setting up blogs, writing, reading feeds (okay sometimes that’s a chore, like today since I haven’t caught up for two days), all of it.  There are some days, however, when I’m just not as passionate about it.  Just can’t get that post written.  Can’t get the excitement going.  I sit back in my chair (Whoa!  Not too far!) and think, nope I got nothin’.  Those are days when if I force myself to blog (which I have to do sometimes), the posts are just okay.  Sometimes even lousy.

Ah but the days when I have passion.  I’ll crank you 10 posts in a blink of an eye.  When I’m on a tear like that I make sure I spread the posting love out over a couple days, just to make sure I have “good” stuff.  When I’m “on fire”, I just blog until the tank is dry.  I just push it to the limit.  My fingers fly on the keyboard (yes I type with most of my fingers and have taught myself touch typing).  And I love it.

So my tip for you, when your passion is waining, take a break.  Heck if you work at home, like I do, take a nap.  Maybe you’re just tired.  Have some coffee.  Snack.  Take a break.  Even just say to yourself, I’m not on my A-game today, and that’s okay, tomorrow will be better.  Really, let yourself have an off day.  It’s okay.  It happens.

Then when the passion returns, well just tap into it and just do it.  Be the man/woman.  The blogging machine.  The sales go to guy/gal.

If it never returns, have your considered professional blogging? ;-).


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