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Using Gmail address hacks for GTD and other stuff

by Tris Hussey on June 19th, 2007

 Did you know that to Gmail trishussey and tris.hussey are the same?  Yep.  And if you say do something like [email protected] you can have a whole new e-mail address to filter on?

You can reformat your existing Gmail address by inserting dots (periods) anywhere within your Gmail username. The Gmail Help pages explain:

Because Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters within usernames, adding or removing dots from a Gmail address won’t change the actual destination address. Messages sent to [email protected] and [email protected] are all delivered to your Inbox, and only yours.

 Source: Gmail Tip: Reformat your Gmail address with dots - Lifehacker

While having nearly infinite e-mail addresses might seem like more of a pain than it’s worth, there are tons of reasons why this is an awesome thing to do for streamlining your work.

Okay say want to have all stuff from an external vendor tagged in Gmail for easy searching.  Give them say [email protected] as your address then build a quick filter that tags all e-mail coming in with that as B5media.

You can extend this idea for contests, support, family, friends, enemies.  Whomever.

Myself I didn’t realize that the “.” in my Gmail address was superfluous … I’ll keep it anyway.  I like it.  BTW, and very important to note, the “.” ignoring bit does not work for Gmail for your domain.  I don’t know about the “+” but a little testing can straighten that out.  Actually…I use Gmail for Domains for One By One Media so I shall test it and get back to you.

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