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Multiple autoresponders in Outlook using rules

by Tris Hussey on April 30th, 2007

Ah the out of office message.  Can’t remember when I’ve had to put one of those up.  Which isn’t a good sign, really is it?  Anyway, sometimes you don’t just want the basic “I’m not here” message to go to everyone.  It is possible to be more clever in Outlook (and I gather Gmail), you just have to use rules to do it. Lifehacker points out in their post, and rightly so, that this requires that both the host machine and Outlook have to be kept open and running for this to work.  Not going to work for me.  My machine is my laptop … if I’m out of the office, it’s probably with me (even if I’m on vacation for picture stuff if nothing else).

So I’m going to take a really good look at the Gmail tips.  Since all my e-mail routes through one of two accounts … it will be easy to cover all your bases.

There is, however, a dark side to this.  If a piece of spam sneaks through, and you auto-reply to it, you might be confirming your e-mail as active to spammer.  I say might because the reply-to would have to be the spammers address and not some poor sot who’s e-mail address is being used.


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