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For ClearContext power users-connector to Outlook’s rules

by Tris Hussey on April 6th, 2007

The guys at ClearContext just can’t seem to leave well enough alone can they:

ClearContext’s AutoAssign is a simple way to create rules to assign ClearContext Priority and Topics to messages. For power users who would like more flexibility in rules creation, we have provided integration of this functionality into the Outlook rules interface.
Source: ClearContext Information Management System

No, they just have to keep making their product more flexible.  Man you gotta hate that.

Seriously, I have downloaded but not installed it yet.  One main reason is that I really don’t use Outlook’s rules feature much.  Frankly the AutoAssign function in ClearContext does the trick for a lot of needs. In terms of a software company this is what I like to see, just keep innovating constantly.  Release little enhancements frequently instead of major changes all at once.  Why?  Release the little stuff, essentially throwing it at the wall and see if it sticks, then see what users come up with to make it even better.

Hmm, make a good plan for all facets of business.


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