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ClearContext updates their Vista widget and it is now a powerful GTD tool

by Tris Hussey on March 28th, 2007

You know I love ClearContext for Outlook.  The colour coding, the prioritization, the ability to just file messages with a click, and filing sent messages with a topic, all these things let me really manage my e-mail.  A while ago Brad told me about the Vista gadget for CC and Outlook 2007.  I’ve been trying it since before it was launched and it’s just getting better!  Here’s the short and sweet announcement:

We’ve added three new action buttons to the Inbox Alert Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget.  Now you can Mark Read, Delete or Reply to the message you are previewing (Outlook 2007 only).  We haven’t posted to the Windows Live Gallery site yet, but you can grab it here.  See our gadget page for more detail.
Source: ClearContext Corporate Weblog

Here’s why this is cool.  I glance right and see what’s come in.  Quick look and I decide if I need to even read it right away.  Click and I scan the message.  Click and I delete it, reply, or just mark it read.  Don’t even need to get into Outlook if I don’t need to.  I switch between no filter and filter for Normal and higher.  Just depends on how busy I am.

Regardless this leap forward has made the gadget and CC even more useful to me!  Good on ya guys!


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