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Psst, a new version of ClearContext is available and a Vista gadget too

by Tris Hussey on March 6th, 2007

It does pay to read your feeds!  Today Brad has this great announcement:

Regular readers of the weblog may have noticed that posting has been light the last couple of months.  Work on our v3.1 release has kept us busy.  I’m pleased to finally come up for air and offer all of you early access to our v3.1 release (download here).  We’ve implemented several new features along with numerous small fixes and preliminary support for our upcoming Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget (more on that in a bit…).  New features in v3.1 include:
Source: ClearContext Corporate Weblog - IMS v3.1 Early Access Release and Vista Gadget Beta Testers Wanted

Of course I downloaded and installed right away. Went fine, as expected.  Frankly I haven’t played with any of the new features, but I have played with the new Vista sidebar gadget.  Now, that’s cool!

Right now it’s simple.  It just shows the unread items in your inbox.  Boring?  Nope.  In the options, besides the nice silver colour, is a filtering selection.  I have mine set to “Normal”, which means if the e-mail isn’t ranked Normal or higher, it doesn’t show up.

In practical terms this means that if I hear e-mail come in, and it doesn’t show up there, it probably isn’t worth my attention at the moment.

See, this is a key thing when you get lots of e-mail.  Sure it goes off and you know it’s there, but you have to check to see if it’s important or not.  Yes, if it isn’t important you can ignore it, but see I like having zero unread items in my inbox.  It might not be cleaned out often, but it doesn’t have unread items.

Everything that comes in gets read.  Often deleted right away, but always read.  Now, I know when something important has come in, so I can just wait until I have a moment to check.

Nice, nice touch.


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