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You can send a 10 meg file through Gmail now-but why?

by Tris Hussey on May 23rd, 2007

This week users noticed that you can now send a 20 meg attachment within Gmail:

Ionut Alex Chitu, who first noticed the upgrade, also pointed out one problem that it creates. “[F]ew mail providers will accept . . . such a big message,” he writes, but “it’s safe to send messages bigger than 10 MB to other Gmail accounts, to Yahoo Mail Plus or to other premium accounts.” Otherwise, you (or the intended recipient of your email) might be out of luck. Source: WebProNews

Uh huh. Okay I know some folks use Gmail to back up files online and such, but really, a 20 meg attachment? Folks that’s just silly. Gmail and the whole mail transport system isn’t tuned for that kind of file transfer; that’s what HTTP and FTP are for. As “cool” as you might think this is … folks who try to send attachments that big are in a big (and unpleasant) surprise-most e-mail systems will bounce that e-mail back faster than a Nolan Ryan fast ball.

If you need to toss a file around that big, find another way, don’t send a fit that big. It’s just rude, if it even goes through at all.

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