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Online storage has come a long way, worth another look

by Tris Hussey on July 16th, 2007

Sometimes you just need to stash a file somewhere.  Somewhere online, where you can get to it on another computer, or share, or back it up.  Lots of reasons.  Storage costs have dropped so much that online storage solutions have been getting better and cheaper.  That and our Net connections faster and faster.  I have 10 megs down and 1 meg up, which believe me makes a huge difference.  The added upload speed has made my WordPress installs go a lot faster.

Regardless, and back to the topic at hand, Frantic Industries has a nice look at five online file storage products:

When it comes to online backup of your data, there’s probably more options than in any other web 2.0 space. However, recently I’ve tried some of these services out and found out that many have become unnecessarily complex, some are ad hells, and some don’t work at all. I’ve gone through this mess and chosen 5 simple online backup services that just work. Source: 5 Simple Ways to Store Your Files Online

I’m taking a good look at the list and seeing which one I’ll try first.

I have used Gmail for a moving a file here and there, but given that my Gmail account is beginning to creep up in the old disk usage department, I don’t think I’ll be doing that often.

You know, though, sometimes a nice little flash drive is easier for “sneaker net”.  Now, if the person is far away…

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