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Mind mapping a meeting:A real sanity and time saver

by Tris Hussey on August 15th, 2007

You think that mind mapping is just for brainstorming?  Maybe a little document outlining?  Ah how wrong you are.  I think one of the best uses of mind mapping is taking meeting notes.  Gaelen links to Lifehacker’s post on mind mapping meetings and points us all to the MindManager map gallery:

The Mindjet Map Gallery also offers templates for managing meetings. Check out a sample meeting management map located here now. Source: The Mindjet Blog » Lifehacker’s “Beginner’s Guide to Mind Mapping Meetings”

Lifehacker’s examples are pretty basic, and with the crayon colours, enough to make any business person cringe. So let’s look at what Mindjet and MindManager have to offer, shall we?

Okay the default template, which I’ve used for many meetings, is simple, clean and effective.  Nothing fancy, but it has all the basics that make for a good map.

Now, Gaelen, being the awesome person she is, sent me all of the new MindManager 7 Productivity Packs and let’s look at the fancier version of the template you get with that:



Not bad, huh?  There are also a bunch of goodies in the pack like this map that helps you make the most of mind mapping a meeting.

I really like to map the agenda, send it around (as a PDF or something) and then I take notes right there on that map… so when I sent it out people are already familiar with it.  And if you organize it all nicely, export the map to Word and bam you have meeting notes for everyone in a couple minutes.  Getting the action items and notes out to everyone who was at the meeting (and people who couldn’t make it) helps you take advantage of the momentum you created in the meeting.

 Since MindManager comes with a 21 day free trial, well you don’t have any excuse not to try it. Oh, and yes, there will be a contest soon so you can win a copy of MM7Pro.

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2 opinions for Mind mapping a meeting:A real sanity and time saver

  • Andrew Wilcox
    Aug 16, 2020 at 2:29 am

    MindManager is a great way of recording and projecting the content and actions of the meeting.

    I haved frequently used MindManager in the last three years with a Tablet PC. This allows you to map the meeting quietly and without a screen up in front of you.

    A second tip is to get a list of the delegates (for social network meetings like http://www.ecademy.com they are on the web site) and paste them on to the map. Then you can make notes against their names as they speak or you meet them. Cut and pastes from some web sites will put links to their profiles on the map.

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