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Expanding the top 5 Web 2.0 apps into the virtual office

by Tris Hussey on May 26th, 2007

Gili over on Connected Internet (one of my fav sites for new and opinion, btw) has picked the top 5 Web 2.0 apps for the enterprise. They are:

  1. Salesforce.com
  2. Zoho office
  3. Basecamp
  4. Wordpress
  5. Google Apps

I haven’t tried Salesforce.com or Zoho yet (though I keep meaning to), they rest I have tried and I can recommend them without hesitation. I think, though, there are more apps that are worthy of the list.

Interesting that Intranets.com isn’t on the list. Heck I haven’t heard from them in years. Are they still out there?

The great thing about a lot of the good Web 2.0 apps (wikis, blogs, etc) can be installed on your own servers. So in a couple minutes you can have a Wordpress blog (or blogs in the Multiuser version), Socialtext powered-wiki (because they released it to the open source community) and a raft of other tools.

If you’re running your own small business and use a host like Dreamhost, check for one-click or Fantastico installs. Dreamhost in particular has a great selection of tools to try out.

Disclaimer: I use Dreamhost for One By One Media, but I’m not receiving affiliate commissions or compensation for mentioning them-I just like them.

Really you’re probably only an hour away from a fully-featured virtual office. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

Any suggestions to the list?

Update: I’ve given Zoho a try and while I think the apps are cool, they are missing something like a dashboard where I can go to jump from one app to another.  Right now the project and CRM apps aren’t really integrated into the mix either.  That’s the biggest gap that I see.

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