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iGTD and Mail.app Together For E-mail to Tasks

by Tris Hussey on August 29th, 2007

Here’s one for you Mac folks:

Mac user and GTDer Julian Schrader turns email messages into tasks with a keystroke, using the iGTD software:

I use iGTD to store and organize my tasks — it is an amazing application and provided for free. I recommend it to any Mac user — I just hit F6 in Mail and it copies the active e-mail over into a new task created in iGTDs Inbox, a link back to the original e-mail included.

Source: GTD With Email: Turn Mail.app Messages into Tasks with iGTD - Lifehacker

Okay, you know I’m not a Mac user, but Julian’s 9 Tips For Better E-Mail Productivity work for everyone.  Good filters, organizations, knowing when to answer and when to wait.  All good stuff.  One thing though, why is the default e-mail client on OSX Mail.app … come on couldn’t it be just a tad more interesting?  Yes, I know in UNIX mail is the name of the mail program … folks I’ve had an e-mail address 1988 (technically I had one when school started in 1987, but I don’t think I activated [email protected] until the spring) and I learned e-mail using mail and vi for Pete’s sake.  Come on Apple, step up to the plate … iMovie, iTunes, iLife, iPhone …. Mail.app (is it technically just “Mail”).  Not spiffy.

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