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iGTD-GTD app for the Mac

by Tris Hussey on May 9th, 2007

Saw this app this week (maybe last?) for GTD on the Mac:

It seems there’s more Getting Things Done inspired software packages out there than there are Flash games littering the web. It’s understandable; GTD has become the geek mantra for productivity, and finding the right tool to suit your GTD needs is like searching for the holy grail.
For Mac users, that holy grail may be iGTD. iGTD is a free Mac program that pulls from all of the GTD principles to provide a very concise platform for manging your projects and next actions.
Source: iGTD - Getting Things Done on a Mac - Download Squad

As you know I can’t test it, but the screenshot looked cool. ;).

Which brings something to mind … do you use GTD apps or just wing it?


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