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Making the case for Enterprise 2.0

by Tris Hussey on May 31st, 2007

Are you trying to bring Web 2.0 into your work place?  You know that wikis, RSS, blogs, and other apps will save you time but you can’t quite get the boss to sign on?

I know the feeling.  I’ve snuck more than my share of apps over the years into companies.  The only way got away with it was that my bosses trusted that I wouldn’t do anything stupid and I wouldn’t suggest an app until I played with it enough to know if it would have “business value”.

Recently I talked about the top five (seven really because I added two) 2.0 apps for the Enterprise, now I have some links and resources to help you make the case for actually using them!

Des Walsh pointed to a cool SlideShare slide show on Enterprise 2.0, which although is a potentially daunting 44 slides, is certainly worth the look.  That might be great, but what if you’re stuck in the mode of constantly explaining RSS and other technologies?  Lee LeFever has the answer for that!  The first CommonCraft video on RSS in Plain English was a smash success (probably “smashed” his servers too), now the second installment Wikis in Plain English is out and is well on it’s way to be a smashing success as well:


 If you have a success story getting Web 2.0 in your company, share it here.

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