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Listen to Stowe, good rules for IM etiquette (IMquette?)

by Tris Hussey on January 18th, 2007

I live and die by IM.  I have it open all the time.  I even have it on my Blackberry (Gtalk).  Now, there is some etiquette to IM.  Yes, really.  No, I’m serious, there is.  Sometimes people don’t follow it (sometimes I’m even guilty of it), but there is one.  Recently there was a parody post about IM (non)etiquette, but DownloadSquad refers to an article from my old friend Stowe Boyd (another Boston boy, BTW) who takes the parody and puts the real stuff to it.  Funny there are somethings that the parody author doesn’t like that he (and I) would say are okay (IM shorthand, for example.)  Stowe also has a PDF paper on Enterprise messaging that he links to (I haven’t read it yet) that I expect will also be a good read.

Now be a good girl/boy and listen to what Stowe says.



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