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Great ways to get more out of your Blackberry

by Tris Hussey on July 4th, 2007

SmallBusinessHub is putting forth a valiant effort to combat all the iPhone hype with some great Blackberry tips:

This is the week of that omnipresent Apple device whose name will not be mentioned.  I’m going to resist the temptation to write about that device and the uber-cool people that bought one and instead like to address all those other people.  These are the the people that have a Blackberry, put their shoes on one foot at a time, are doing just fine with a real keyboard with tactile feedback and otherwise are interested in getting work done.
Although I’ve come across lots and lots of Blackberry tips, there are a limited few that any normal person will hold around in their head, so I thought I’d focus on just the ones that I personally use at least once a day.  These are not the best, the most brilliant nor the most hackerish — just the ones I think a majority of people will actually get value out of immediately. Source: 6 Quick Tips for the Blackberry You’ll Actually Use Every Day

Three of the tips were brand new to me.  I already cleared out my inbox with a couple clicks.  Haven’t tried to do the capital letters trick mentioned yet.

No matter what device you have, you can get someone has found some ways to use it that you’ve never even considered.  I’ll try to post them here, of course.

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