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What I want to be…

by guys on April 20th, 2008

This entry was chosen as one of the best for the Business Channel “Take Your Sons and Daughters To Work Day” contest.

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What do you want to be? What do your kids want to be? How do childhood experiences affect your career?

All I ever wanted to be was a Mom. A Stay at Home, Milk and cookies making, PTA President, Class Mom - Mom. Maybe because my Mom wasn’t able to be that when I was a child, and I so wanted her to be. I was almost not able to do it, I was wrapped up in the let’s make money and give the kdis all the STUFF they want game, then I got and beat cancer, twice. The whole world became crystal clear at that point for me, and I quit my job, successfully had another baby and beat cancer. Then I settled down to Momydom and all the glory it meant to me. I am a NEVER HOME stay-at-home-Mom, exhausted more than I have even been in my LIFE, and enjoying every single second of it.

It’s not the right choice for everyone, but it was the right choice for us, and I am so happy with the ‘job” I have!

Celebrate Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day on April 24!

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