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Give LeapTag a try for info goodness

by Tris Hussey on April 23rd, 2007

I wrote about LeapTag for the Blog World Expo Blog, but if you weren’t following my conference coverage (shame on you), read my review.

Okay, done?  Great.  Now this is a cool tool that, while still in beta, you should give shoot.  It’s different.  It’s interesting.  And I’m finding some cool stuff faster with it.

My review goes into detail on the whole concept of “LeapTag”, but some tips I can pass on (since I’ve been using it for a while).  Do not import many hundreds of RSS feeds into it, yet. I’m an “edge case” for LeapTag as far as their users go.  Meaning, they hadn’t tested it with adding probably over 350 feeds into it.  It’s not that the app will crash, but really you’re just adding to its info load to scour and right now that isn’t needed.

Next thing is the “secret” config screen.  In LeapTag, after the localhost part of the URL enter “setup”.  I’m told this will be obvious in later versions.  I did this to crank down its CPU appetite.  And that’s the major beef I have with LeapTag at the moment, the CPU loads can go nuts.  But … I’m having a Skype conference with the developers on Wednesday to talk about this.

As the app matures (and I new update came out today and I’ve noticed performance improvements already), it will become a powerful tool for you to find the information you’re after.


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