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Mindsystems ThemeReader-An exciting new add-on for MindManager

by Tris Hussey on February 20th, 2007

 I got an e-mail from Tom Hodgers today.  Remember him?  Yeah he was one of our contest winners.  It sounds like Tom has been getting into MindMager and told me about a really cool new MM add-on called ThemeReader.  Here is how Mindsystems describes it:

Mindsystems ThemeReader™ is the latest edition to the MindManager® family of products. Offering an advanced new way to scan almost any document type for ideas and common themes. Mindsystems ThemeReader then instantly converts the relevant information in into an easy to understand visual MindManager® Map.
Source: Mindsystems: Mindsystems ThemeReader™

You read this and think “Yeah, right. How can something go through my document and turn it into a useful Mindmap?”  Yeah, I was a skeptic too.  Then I tried it.

First pass was on a simple document from a client laying out the categories for a new blog.  It was pretty darn impressive.  It brought some things to my attention that I had missed on my first pass through the document.

Okay, that was just a simple Word doc.  So I figured it needed a real challenge, let’s try a PDF.  I took Charlene Li’s recent Blogging ROI whitepaper.  Not too long, but lots of info in there.  And …

Wow.  Took less than a minute to process and get the map up.  Now that’s cool.

Tom suggested that this app would be great for students.  I’m going to take it beyond that.  Here’s the best example I could think of.  You’ve been asked to summarize a whitepaper, proposal, or article for your boss.  Instead of reading it and then writing your summary, you read it and let ThemeReader make a map of it.  All the detail is there.  It’s easy to re-organze and edit.  Zap that map off to your boss and the original.  Done.  Maybe edit the map so the ThemeReader info isn’t there.  You don’t want to give away all your secrets do you ;-) (never forget the Scotty Principle)?

Best of all ThemeReader, like MindManager, comes with a 21-day trial so you can really give it a good try before buying it.  ThemeReader is on my wish list already.

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