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GyroQ is coming … and you’ve got to try it!

by Tris Hussey on October 16th, 2006

For the past few months I’ve been in a private (almost secret) beta test for a very cool add-on for MindManager called GyroQ.  What does it do?  Okay I hope I can describe the coolness of this well enough for you to get it.  GyroQ is really a couple parts, the GyroQ application and a MindManager map.  What GyroQ lets you do is to hit a command key (the default is control-q) enter in something like a to do, action item, reminder, etc click add (or hit enter) and these items are stored in a queue.  Then when you Send Queue all this info, including the date stamp, gets sent to a special map.

This map is organized by date with each of the items you entered as tasks (which can be synced with Outlook, of course!).

Yeah that doesn’t sound exciting.  Okay let me try this again.  You’re sitting at your desk and you remember that you have to book a meeting with your boss. You hit crtl-q type in "book meeting with boss" hit enter and it’s in the queue.  Then you remember you need to go to the cleaners, look for a present for someone, and get your oil changed.  You enter all of these in, when you then send the queue you have all these tasks "remembered" for you.

GyroQ is going to be released very soon (I got the e-mail and release version on Friday) and the release version has a cool feature that I missed in the other versions: tags.  Now these tags let you further organize what you enter as say and idea, action item, part of a project, or (this is very cool) something in that you type in plus whatever is on the clipboard goes into a note for that topic!

Now here’s the interesting thing about how Gyronix is marketing this app, you have to be invited to buy it.  Interesting, but listen and it makes sense.  Instead of people randomly downloading and trying the app, Gyronix figures that if a friend invites you to try it you’ll be more likely to actually try it and even buy it.  It really is an innovative way to build some buzz on a product.

Heard enough?  Want an invite?  No problem.  As a beta tester I got a copy and have some invites.  All you do is click this link and get it.  I believe that I do get some kind of credit if you buy it, but that’s not why I’m doing this.  I’m doing this because it’s so freakin’ cool!

I know with this new tagging feature (GyroQ is installed with three default tags, but includes this awesome map with more and tags can be shared as well) I’ll be using it to take quick notes and actions for projects and other stuff.  Just capturing an idea or whatever.  This is an awesome add-on for MindManager!

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