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And the contest winners are …

by Tris Hussey on January 26th, 2007

First I have to apologize for not getting this out sooner.  It’s not Scot’s fault, it’s mine.  So flaming arrows should be launched in my direction.

Okay first the good news—everyone who entered wins something.  Because we had such generous sponsors, I have something for everyone.  The bad news is that all the apps are for Windows (okay except MindManager which is both … but).

Now I’d also like to personally thank Mark Levison for poking me with a sharp, red-hot poker to get this done.  Scot was right there too poking me when Mark stopped.

Oh?  You want to know what you won, do you?

Grand prize: MindManager, ClearContext, ActiveWords, and GyroQ Developer Edition goes to Tom Hodgers.  Hey he submitted not one, but two great tips.  He’s right, you can really make life easy for yourself using ActiveWords, GryoQ and MindManager all together.  Great tip!

Second prize: ActiveWords, ClearContext, and GyroQ Developer Edition to Mark Levison.  Gotta remind myself to check out that software My Life Organized (mine surely isn’t!).

Tom McManus suggested the @delegated category for GTD… sounds perfect for GyroQ to me!  So why not give you a copy?

Amit Agrwal thinks GyroQ is great for bloggers … now if you don’t have it already … there’s one for you.  If you do have it… Anagram.

Jul, Scott Goldblatt, Andrea … Anagram for all of you!

Mary Jo, to help you know when to stop … ActiveWords.  I’m sure there is something cooked up to remind you.

Alpesh Nakar and Alpha … ActiveWords for you guys too!  Don’t know if it can help you with backing up your PocketPC or taking naps … but hey I’ve sure you’ll find a good use for it.

Now Reality Wired, I don’t know if ClearContext will help you keep from pissing off your boss, but it can’t hurt!

Andrew Flusche, well I hope a reminder via GyroQ will help you remember to take breaks.

And that’s it!

Again, I want to thank all the sponsors: ClearContext, MindJet, ActiveWords, Anagram, and GyroQ.

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