The contest is over! Now the fun begins

Tris Hussey | December 20th 2006 - 14:15
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Scot (speaking on his behalf) and I want to thank everyone for entering our little contest.  There are some great entries.  Now the fun begins, picking the winners.  I expect Scot and I will be able to announce the winners this week.  What are people going to get?  I really want to keep that a surprise, but I will say this, the best tip is going to get a ton of stuff.

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Scot and Tris - what happened to the contest results? I was looking forward to reading the posts.

Disappointed - you had me fooled. I thought yours was a real contest, but apparently it was only a sham.

No, it is for real. My apologies, I have fallen behind in getting the results out … soon, very soon.

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