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MindManager 7 announced-steady improvement on a great tool

by Tris Hussey on May 1st, 2007

Man I’ve been dying to blog about this for over a month.  I’ve been in the private beta test of the new MindManager 7 Pro.  If you’re a MM fan, this is a good upgrade.  Must upgrade?  If you use Office 2007, I’d say yeah.

The new MM 7 Pro is officially coming out May 30.  I had the chance to listen to a MindJet overview of the new product yesterday (and for disclosure as an invited guest and attendee I get a free license for the new version).   What impressed me about this new version are the nice UI improvements.  No huge changes.  Some nice improvements to styles (topic-level styles are now possible) and data connections, but really it’s what I’d call steady evolution, not revolution.

The Mac version has been updated and there is an new MM Lite aimed for occasional users and the education market.

Personally, I think MS should bundle MM Lite with Office, but that’s just me.  Heck if I could, I’d give it away to students on a flash drive.

From a UI perspective MM now uses the Office 2007 UI.  I like it … I know some don’t like it, but well …

I haven’t been in proposal or project planning mode for a while, so I haven’t had to use Office integration for a bit … but with improved connectors, like link from a Word doc to a particular topic, I think I’ll be building some pretty cool things soon.

When I get the final version (I’m still using the beta) at the end of the month, I’ll let you know how the final product looks.


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