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Is your Computer Ready for Daylight Savings Time?

by Tris Hussey on February 19th, 2007

Did you know the daylight savings time is coming a month early now?  You bet, it starts in March now, not in April.  So the big question is, is your computer ready for this change?

If you’ve made the switch to Microsoft Vista you’re OK.  Microsoft has already updated Vista for the new daylight savings time rules.  Windows XP and earlier versions on the other hand, need to be updated or you’re going to be an hour off starting the first Sunday in March.  OK so your computer is gonna be fine, after you update it, but what about the rest of your devices?  Yep, you have to make sure your PDAs, phones, Blackberries, and probably even routers are updated.

I just did this for my Blackberry over the weekend and I’m glad that I had still have windows XP available as I was the only way I can get the patch to work.

I’ve just read that Microsoft has issued the patches for the Windows Mobile platform.  If I were you I would go to your manufacturer’s website and see if there are any updated firmware drivers or patches that are required to keep you up and running come March.

Some people are saying that this change in the daylight savings time rolls could be more disruptive than the Y2K changeover in 2000.  This certainly hasn’t been any kind of daylight savings time change over committees that I’m aware of. I remember spending hours and hours preparing the company for Y2K. We’ll have to see what March brings, but I have a feeling that there is going be a lot of confusion for about a month until things go back to “normal” in April.

See also: Lifehacker they have a list of affected doo-dads and drivers.

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