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Let AutoPatcher drive your updates

by Tris Hussey on January 17th, 2007

I can’t how many times I’ve had to fix (read: rebuild) family or friend’s computers.  Generally when I know it’s going to be a total rebuild I just bring it home.  I’ve got good bandwidth so I can then just let it do the update thing.  Yeah for a couple hours.  Ouch.  Well looks like I have another option.  AutoPatcher lets you download a massive (CD burnable) archive and app set of updates.  Take it with you and save some time.  The only drawback is that it isn’t a dynamic system.  You have to download the monthly updates each time.  So, I don’t suggest downloading until you need it (to save wasting time and CDs).  Oooh talk about a great use for a nice 1 gig flash drive!

Thanks to LifeHacker for the link.

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