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Downloadables: Concrete Goals Tracker 2008

by Celine on January 7th, 2008

Want to make sure you have great follow through on your projects for the year? How about your priorities, have you got them all sorted out? If you’re the type of person who needs to write everything down to get organized, you’ll benefit from David Seah’s Concrete Goals Tracker for 2008.

Here’s a description from the site:

The Concrete Goals Tracker (CGT) is the original Printable CEO™ form, created one evening in 2005 to alleviate my desire to have a “trusted personal CEO” that would tell me what to do. I figured since I couldn’t hire anyone to do the job, I might be able to go the cheap route and print one up on paper :-)

New for 2008 are write in your own goals PDFs with suggested methodology for how I put together a good “worth doing” list, which is an art in itself. I’ve written instructions on how to create new year’s resolutions using these forms.


Click here to download the nifty Concrete Goals Tracker 2008 

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