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Pimp Your Work

Pimping Bookmarks:

by Celine on October 19th, 2007

It’s Friday and you don’t know what that means - it’s Pimping Bookmarks day!  It’s that special day of the week where I compile some great links to articles, tools, and other digital trinkets that will definitely pimp your work. Of course, readers are encouraged to contribute links that I’ll probably miss.  You can submit these links throughout the span of the week and send them to my email (celineroque AT b5media DOT com).

So here’s this week’s list:

Productivity Tidbits:

 15 Ways to Reclaim 2 Precious Hours Every Day If you think the 24 hours you currently have isn’t enough, then this article is for you.

What to do when the internet gets disconnected Yipes!  Enough said.

Quick Tips from 9 GTD Practitioners a brief look at what the apostles of David Allen have to say

Cubicle Life: 

 Jump the Chain of Command Have something important to say but you can’t say it to the boss?  Well, say it to the bigger boss!

5 Ways to be an Authentic Leader: fake it until you make it A humorous article on leadership tips

 5 Ways to Save the World Not a simple list of tips, very thorough.

Software Tips and Tricks: 

Windows Tip: Hibernate vs. Standby  Once and for all, someone points out the difference.

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