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Biz Channel’s first theme day .. Holiday Gifts

by Tris Hussey on December 12th, 2006

As you know I’m also a part of the SciHealth Channel with the Homely Scientist, and we do something every month that is pretty fun—theme days.  One day a month all of us in the channel write a post on a topic.  This month our theme was food (here is my post and the post to all the other food-related posts).  Well I know a good idea when I see one, so we’re having theme days here on the Biz Channel too!  Today is our first theme day and it is also seasonal—holiday gifts.  Regardless of all the relevant factors, this is a time of year when it is common to give and receive gifts.  So here are a few of gift ideas for the season …

First is the gift of time.  I wish I could give (and get) more time, but this isn’t possible.  Time is a non-renewable resource.  Once it’s spent, it’s spent.  Maybe the gift I could give is the ability to manage time better.  The ability to make sure you can get your work done and spend time with family and friends.  As I’m writing this my kids are playing.  One the computer and one with a bunch of my old toys (you would not believe how well those die-cast metal tanks from the 70’s stand up over time!).  Maybe the tips we dole out here will help you on your quest to have more time with the people you love.

Next on my list is a Moleskine Pocket Memo-Pockets (this is an Amazon affiliate link if you choose to click and buy).  Despite my love of software solutions for a myriad of tasks, I love my Moleskine.  Great paper, pocket in the back, place marker, and the traditional elastic band to keep it closed.  The pocket size is perfect for just dropping in a bad or coat pocket.  Of course, you should have a pen worthy of this kind of book so …

Last on my list is a good pen.  No, I don’t mean some plastic thing that you get from the office supply store, I mean something with heft.  Something with style.  Something that uses real ink.  Yep, I’m talking fountain pens.  Yes, I know they are old school.  I know lots of people are afraid of them, but really you don’t have to be.  Good fountain pens nowadays don’t leak or make a huge mess.  To start someone off I’d probably choose a Parker or Schaeffer into pen.  Now if they were a special person, I’d go for a Cross or Waterman.  Mont Blancs (of which I have one) don’t make good first pens.  Not that they are hard, but they are expensive and until you get over the "I’ll lose it or I won’t use it" stuff, it’s not worth it.  Me?  I have about 12 different pens from antiques to Italian glass to my favourite a Japanese Namiki (here’s my Flickr set of some of my pens).

Now why a pen and notebook?  Because sometimes low tech is the right tech.  I wish all of you Happy Holidays!

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