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Productivity gifts for the holiday season (under $50)

by Celine on December 14th, 2007

Ah, the holiday season is near. If you’re a true productivity genius, you probably bought all your gifts and planned your holiday budget way back in June. But for those who are new to the productivity game, here is a quick list of great productivity gifts you can get for the following people:

  • Geeks and gadget freaks
  • People who are already productive
  • People who really need some productivity in their lives.

Gifts under $10

The Staple Free Stapler lets you staple all your corporate paperwork without the danger of getting an unruly staple in your eye. Comes in 3 colors, but can only clip at most 5 sheets together. Price: $5.99

Have a smelly coworker who’s always asleep on the job? Give him the Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap. He can lather up and get a caffeine dose at the same time! And no, you can’t eat it. Price: $6.99 Another alternative is the peppermint-flavored Costic’s Caffeianted Soap. Price: $5.97

Dilbert is the ultimate corporate slave. If you identify with him, you’ll love this Dilbert Stress Toy. An excellent stocking stuffer for those who experience stress in their workdays and want to release it, either by squeezing hard or turning this into a voodoo doll. Price: $3.99

Is desktop sanitation an issue in your office? If so, you might just need this USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner. It sucks out the disgusting stuff stuck in your keyboard and the other nooks and crannies on your desk. Price: $8.95

Under $25

Is it hot in your office?  That’s probably because the company’s cutting down on the electric bill.  If that’s the case, your colleagues would love a desktop personal air conditioner.   Price: $22.99

If you notice that your office is wasting tons of paper each year printing monthly calendars, a magnetic monthly planner might do the trick.  It’s magnetic, a dry-erase board, and you can put sticky notes on it, too. Price: $19.99

Under $50

Have trouble getting up in the morning? The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock will shake your bed and your ears. There’s no way you’re snoozing this. The only way you’ll stay asleep through the alarm is if you’re completely deaf and paralyzed. Or dead. Price: $39.99

If your coworker keeps asking you “Where is that pen?” throughout your workday, then you’re both losing precious minutes of your time.  Here’s a Revolving Desk Organizer to help your disorganized friend keep office tools within reach. Price: $29.99

Does your spouse come home with leg cramps after a long day at the office, sitting in her workstation?  If that’s the case, a pedal exerciser under her desk might do the trick.  Price: $39.95

Finally, this sleek monitor stand drawers let you get some extra storage space from under your monitor.  It comes in a sleek black color.  Price: $49.00 

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