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Funny but true and important PowerPoint "don’ts"

by Tris Hussey on June 9th, 2007

Funny … but so true:

All kidding aside, this is all excellent advice.  Slides with too much information, too many bullet points, animations, or bizarre color schemes force people to focus on your presentation and not you.  Remember you are giving the presentation, not the screen.  This isn’t a movie, it’s a talk.  Sure if you’re putting this online you want more info on slides (since you’re not there), but this isn’t the case.

My rule of thumb is that slides should focus on the key points, about 5, and serve as a reminder for me not be a small novel for the audience to read.

I haven’t mastered the speaker as straight man slides as comic style yet, but maybe I’ll work on that.

Hat tip to BL for this.

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