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Productivity Toolkit: Scout of Nintendo Nonstop

by Celine on December 18th, 2007

Scout is my business partner, and she runs Nintendo Nonstop, a site about, well, Nintendo products. She’s the most productive person I know, and because of that I’m highlighting her in this week’s productivity toolkit.

Google Calendar For planning and scheduling tasks, as well as sharing calendars with contractors, clients, and other business contacts. Very helpful for reminders, especially since she’s online almost 24/7. However, when she’s on the go, she prefers to use an old school printout calendar from MS Outlook.

MS Excel This is a very powerful program, especially once you figure out how to use the more complex formulas. It does take a lot of effort to set things up, but once the templates are up and running, everything is automated. She uses this for recording her personal and business finances, designing schedules, and organizing the distribution of labor among contractors.

iDailyDiary For random daily notes.

Cellular phone Scout’s phone is a Motorola Razr V3. She uses it as a portable contact list and alarm clock for very important engagements.

Productivity techniques She believes that no matter what tools or gadgets you use, they won’t be effective unless you’re dedicated to being productive everyday. Also, when she schedules tasks, she also includes an estimated time frame for each. This is so that her schedule will be realistic and she won’t get frustrated if she doesn’t accomplish something within the day. She also sets aside 20% of her total work time to leave room for unexpected events.

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