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Cool Tools: Piky Basket

by Celine on May 5th, 2008


We all know that if we want to move folders or files within Windows and we have multiple target folders, we have to do it one by one. This is annoying, especially after reformatting and reinstalling your computer and you need to restore files to where they once were (what I’m doing right now, which is how I came upon this tool).

Piki Basket eliminates the painstaking one by one copy and pasting. Just copy, copy and copy some more and once you are done copying, paste them all at once to the target folders. And the best news is that Piky is integrated with Windows Explorer so there’s no need to run a separate program.

If for some reason, you need the file paths of your files, there is no way you can get it automatically with Windows. Here’s another handy feature from Piky Basket: just click ont he file and you’ll access the file path. Also, if you need the command prompt to point at a specific folder, no need to type in long commands. A single right click will give you the choice of opening a command prompt at that folder.

Piky Basket is compatible with Windows 9x, 2000, and XP. Click here for the PikiBasket’s official site.

Photo Credit: Screencapture by Celine Roque from Blue Rabbit Media

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